Turbocharge Your New Customer Growth

The Mission

1. To deliver a strong return on investment for our partners. 

2. To increase your addressable customer universe. 


Our lead engine is first tuned to harmonise with your target customers. Once aligned, we generate and feed relevant digital sales leads to you.  These come in the form of qualified quotes & callback requests. 100% live, real-time generation across 9 different B2B & B2C industries. You receive access to an exclusive pool of new customers.


Do you have a big appetite to grow? As part of our mission, we expect all partners to match our appetite. 

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Amit Gami


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Amit is the resident captain steering ANG.

Leveraging on his engineering background, Amit has a keen focus to implement digital automation technologies. Having worked in Sales & Marketing for 7 years,  he understands exactly how to foster healthy and successful partnerships. 


Raj Gami


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As you may have guessed, ANG is a family run business. Raj has over 30 years experience in software and headed up a 400 strong employee company that featured in the Sunday Times. Raj is certainly a hands on advisor,  he helped build the technology behind ANG.

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Rizwan Chaudhry


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Riz has seen companies experience parabolic growth with startups such as Monzo. He's the man when it comes to advising ANG on running a smooth and efficient daily operation. Currently, Riz works at Farewill, a startup looking to disrupt the way individuals write their wills.